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Sport in Kemerovo

Кудрявцева Ольга Эриковна, Кривчикова Ольга Сергеевна
МБОУ"Гимназия №25"г.Кемерово
Кудрявцева О.Э.-учитель английского языка,высшая квалификационная категория;
Кривчикова О.С.-учитель английского языка,первая квалификационная категория

The history of Kuzbass sport traces its origin back to 1943 when Kemerovo Regional Sports Organization was created. 62 kinds of sport including 21 Olympic ones are cultivated in Kemerovo. They are: winter sports which include skating, figure skating, skiing, biathlon, ice-hockey, bandy. Combat sports: karate, wrestling, boxing, judo. Team sports: volleyball, football, basketball. Swimming, cycling, track and field athletics, weight-lifting, competitive gymnastics. Such sports activities as snowboarding, sports orienteering and sports tourism have become very popular nowadays. There are 3 professional teams which worthily present Kemerovo in regional and all-Russian competitions. The Bandy club “Kuzbass”, a silver and bronze-prize winner of the Russia Cup. The football club “Kuzbass”, a club of the first league of Russia. The volleyball club “Kuzbass”, a club of the super league A.
Kuzbass sportsmen are the members of the Russian Olympic Team. They take part in Summer as well as Winter Olympic Games. We are proud of our sportsmen who are famous outside Kuzbass. They are:Alexander Voronin, Alexey Vakhonin, Rudolf Plukfelder (weight lifting); Maria Filatova, Elena Grudneva, ValentinMogilny (competitive gymnastics); VyacheslavIvanenko (speed walking).
On 21 March 2011 for the first time in the history of Russian snowboarding a Kuzbass sportswoman Ekaterina Tudegesheva won the gold medal in the World Cup.
If you want to learn more about the history of different kinds of sport developed in Kuzbass, you can go to the Kuzbass museum of Physical Education and Sports. There are a number of dummies and busts of the famous Kuzbass sportsmen in the museum as well as various show-case displays.


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