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Vyatskie Polyany: historical information

Умрилова Ольга Леонидовна
Кировское областное государственное общеобразовательное автономное учреждение «Многопрофильный лицей г. Вятские Поляны»
учитель английского языка

Vyatskie Polyany is a lovely place with more than a 400-year-old history.
Until the middle of the XVI century the place where now Vyatskie Polyany stands was populated with the Mariy-people, the Tatars and Udmurts. It was the territory of the Kazan Khanate. After Ivan the Terrible had conquered Kazan, they had to leave their settlement and move farther to the forests.
At the end of the XVI century this place attracted archbishop Triphon Vyatskiy, the founder of Vyatka Uspensk monastery, who proposed his monks to settle in the picturesque glades on the right bank of the river Vyatka and build a male monastery there.In 1595 tsar Fyodor (the son of Ivan the Terrible) gave the monks the permission to own these glades. This date is considered to be the date of the foundation of Vyatskie Polyany. The monastery was built quickly and was called Christorozhdestvenskiy. Soon a settlement appeared near the monastery where both monastery and state peasants lived.
During the Peasant War under Yemelyan Pugachev in 1773-1775 many peasants and indigenous tribes from the Volga, Kama and Vyatka basin joined the revolt. Pugachev led his detachments towards Kazan through the Vyatka lands. Many peasants from Vyatskie Polyany and nearby places supported him.
In the XIX century Vyatskie Polyanybecame a prosperous merchant settlement thanks to the river wharf. The native merchants sold wheat, bread, fur, honey and timber.
At the beginning of the XX century about 1,000 people lived in Vyatskie Polyany. The Russian government decided to build the railway Moscow – Yekaterinburg and the native merchants supported the idea and gave a lot of money to build the railway bridge over the river Vyatka. In 1915theconstructionofthebridgewascompleted.
During the Civil War the settlement of Vyatskie Polyany became the front line. The Revolutionary military council of the Second Army of the East front was situated here in 1919.The troops of Admiral Kolchak wanted to seize the railway bridge but they were defeated by the red division under the command of Azin.
In autumn 1941 a machine-building plant was evacuated to Vyatskie Polyany from Zagorsk, a small town in Moscow region. During the Great Patriotic War the plant produced more than 2,5 million submachine-gunsfor the army.
In 1942 the settlement of Vyatskie Polyany was transformed into the town.


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