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Kuskovskiy park

Агафонова Надежда Владимировна
ГОУ СОШ № 412 ВАО г. Москвы
Ученица 6 класса А
Учитель - Зайцева Людмила Александровна

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is situated in Eastern Europe on the banks of the river Moskva. I live in a small quiet area in the East of Moscow. I think I am lucky, because I live near two big parks. One of them is the park and estate of Kuskovo. There is a beautiful park and some old buildings there. In the backyard there is a wonderful French garden with white sculptures.
Kuskovo belonged to the Sheremetyev family. It was their summer residence. At daytime the Sheremetyevs and their guests went boating in the pond, walked along the alleys of the French garden or enjoyed performances of the famous Sheremetyev’s theatre. One of the streets in our area is called after Praskovya Zhemchugova who was a very talented actress of that time. She had an angel voice and starred in the performances. At night there were fireworks.
Now the park and estate are used for weddings and as a museum. My parents and I like to go there for walks in summer and wintertime. My father and I skate and ski there in winter.
Also I like to spend my free time in Izmailovskiy park. I like it because there are a lot of things to do there. In winter you can ski and skate, ride a sleigh down ice hills. It is a real fun. Besides, there is a snow town with towers and a labyrinth. On Shrovetide you can ride a troika. In summer you can go boating because there is a nice pond. Some people come here to go roller-skating or cycling. Everyone can find an activity to their likes.
We are glad to welcome you in our parks!


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