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Our small native land Traktorozavodsky district in Volgograd

Холудкова Анастасия, ученица 6 «г» класса
Омбоева Наталья Антоновна, учитель английского языка
Клюева Екатерина Георгиевна, учитель истории, директор музея лицея
МОУ лицей №3 г. Волгограда

We live in Volgograd, and the whole world knows our heroic city.
But our small native land is Traktorozavodsky district of a hero-city Volgograd. We live on the legendary earth – at first Paleolithic parking Dry Mechetka (70 thousand years ago), then the Zolotoordynsky site of ancient settlement of Tartanly. In 18 century Yemelyan Pugachev has won a victory on the small river Mechetka aspiring to Tsaritsyn. In 20 century the great Stalingradsky tractor plant was constructed here, and factory workers-civil guardsmen the first have met the Germans torn to Stalingrad from the north, and in the cellars of factory on February, 2nd, 1943 the commander of northern grouping of German armies von Shtrekker has been arrested and the greatest Stalingradsky battle has ended.
I study in the lyceum № 3. The school № 3, and nowadays lyceum has opened on September, 1st, 1936. In our lyceum we profoundly study physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, history, English. But also in other subjects we receive excellent knowledge. The teachers of lyceum received Soros's grant, became winners of awards of the President of Russia, the governor of the Volgograd region, the mayor of Volgograd, winners of the action “National teacher’. We are proud of them and our lyceum. In lyceum we do not only study, all conditions for creativity, for self-expression of each lyceum student are created here. By right the lyceum is considered the best educational institution of a district.


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