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Novosibirsk, The unusual monuments

Учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории Сгибнева Светлана Владимировна.
Учащиеся 11 В класса:Крысина Евгения, Бочарова Дарья, Красноярова Надя, Петрова Вика, Лучникова Вика, Попова Оля, Устюжанина Кристина, Дудина Настя, Ахмедова Анжела, Канунникова Лия.
МБОУ Экономический Лицей Центрального района г. Новосибирска

Novosibirsk is the geographical center of Russia (whether you go to the west or to the east till the Russian border, the distance is the same) andit is often called: The Uncrowned capital of Siberia! You can admire a lot of magnificent places of interests. But we want to tell you about unusual monuments. Informal sights – that’s what we want to represent. Our City is rich in non-common monuments, interesting buildings, amazing yards, strange graffities, etc. All these places catch eye.
“Happiness is being built”. The sculpture was opened in 2006. This year was proclaimed in the City as Family Year. The authors of this monument considered that storks symbolize happiness, family ties and birth of children. There is a legend in the City that if a throwing up coin falls and keeps in the nest of this monument, the family will have a baby in the nearest future. The citizens like these storks. Here young couples come and think of their wish, lovers think about future, and old couples come back to their youth.
“The monument to seller and a customer”. Our City market is the only market in Russia which has a very interesting monument to seller and customer. It is a lively and funny composition. The main plot of this sculpture is: when the seller offers to buy some flowers and seeds to the man, a nice puppy is stealing sausages from his bag! This monument is like a caution to any customer at the market. Keep your eyes open! In another market of the City you can meet the monument to sausages. It’s so funny!
“The monument to the traffic lights”. History says that the first traffic lights appeared in Novosibirsk in the 40-th in the 20-th century at the crossroads of Serebrennikovskaya and Sibrevkom Streets. Now there is a monument to the traffic lights here. Pervomaisky Park is acozy park in the very middle of the city; popular among recently married couples. There have been erected a few stone monuments where everyone who wishes may sign. One of the favorites is “Love”. It is made from the stone in the form of a heart. Not far from this park you can smile at monument to pretty grandmothers.
So these wonderful placesyou’ll never find in official guidebooks.They are not so magnificent and huge, but they are very expressive and dear to the citizens. It would be quite logical for a young person to have a look at some of them situated at different parts of our city. Welcome to our City and enjoy its unusual sights!


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