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Chita, lake Arei

Aleksandr Vyarvelsky, a 4th former of school № 49
specializing in English, town Chita, Zabaikalsky Krai.
My English teacher Natalya Ivanovna Ryumina.

Lake Arei the unique nature monument is rightfully considered to be the gem of Zabaikalya. It’s located near the Great Watershed between the basins of the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, 240km south-west of Chita.
The lake is surrounded by larch and pine forests with Daurian rhododendron and cedar.Its water, sand and mud have magic healing power. A legend says this lake is the creation of human hands. Genghis Khan’s horsemen went west to Lake Baikal. They went through the Ingoda valley, then across the river Tanga and finally went up the Arei plateau.
There they saw 34 healing springs. They were flowing down the hills into a small basin and whirling there they flew into the valley as a river. The private doctor having checked the water rushed to Genghis Khan: “Oh, the Great, the water here is really miraculous!Let your warriors stop and have a rest to become stronger”.
During their long campaign many horsemen fell ill. All the warriors were very tired and exhausted. When hearing about the magic water the warriors rushed to the spring. They pressed and crushed each other trying to become healthier in a small basin. Seeing that Genghis Khan was shocked. He ordered to carry sand in leather buckets to build a bank to dam the river. Soon there was enough space for everyone to bathe in its healing water. In the long run the sandy bank got overgrown with pine trees. It really looks like an artificial construction. Originally the lake was called Tarei meaning “round” in the Buryat-Mongolian language.
In 1980 lake Arei was declared a nature monument of regional importance. Whoever comes here once he’ll come back again and again.


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