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Mariinsky Posad – “A Pearl On The Volga”

Петрова Татьяна Михайловна, 9-а класс
МБОУ «ООШ г.Мариинский Посад»
Учитель -ВасильеваЕленаАлександровна

MariinskyPosad is situated on the right bank of the Volga River in central Russia. This is one of the oldest settlements in the Chuvash Republic and earlier it was called Sundyr. The first mention of Sundyr refers to 1620. In June 18, 1856 a decree of Emperor Alexander II announced the emergence of a new town of Kazan province, named after the wife of the king the Imperial Majesty Empress Maria Alexandrovna - MariinskyPosad. In 2011 the national contest booklet "7 Wonders of Chuvashia" includes such sights of the region: Sovereign's Mount, the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Bichurin, cosmonaut Nikolayev memorial in the village of Shorshely and the children camp “The White Stones”. “Sovereign’s hill” was named so in honor of Catherine the Great, charmed by the views of the Volga landscapes. It happened in 1763. At its foot there are many springs with healing water. This is one of the main attractions of the town and a favorite place of citizens and tourists. At the beginning of the XX century MariinskyPosad, thanks to the merchants and successful economic-geographical location, became a busy center. There are two churches in MariinskyPosad: the Trinity Church and The Church of Kazan icon of Our Lady. MariinskyPosad is a classic merchant country town, hardly touched by the twentieth century. Its architecture blends in wonderfully with the environment and creates a feeling of comfort.


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