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Atamanovka village

МКОУ Атамановская СОШ Даниловского района Волгоградской области
Учитель иностранных языков -Завгородняя Галина Евгеньевна
We are students of the 11th Grade. Our names are Nosaeva Marina, Paukova Valentina, Antonov Viktor, Tsapenko Stas, and Dundukov Sergey. We live in a small village Atamanovka, region Danilovka not far from Volgograd. Our village is not large, but it has an interesting story.

Ataman Antonov hid himself in woods at the river Medveditsa. He and other refugees hunted wild animals. Ataman Antonov was recovering slowly from the wounds put to him. He chose a place near a small river Beryozovka and on the left bank among beautiful bushes of a guelder-rose and willows, built the wooden three room house. His assistants settled near to him and they began to breed cattle and were occupied with agriculture. This first settlement of former robbers was named Atamanovka after ataman Antonov, and the street, where Antonov lived, was called Kalinovskaya.
In this fine village Atamanovka have grown many people we are proud of. They are artists, Defenders of homeland, teachers…
There are a lot of places in Atamanovka which you can visit and learn interesting facts about them. The beautiful nature in our village is very attractive. Its landscapes are various. You can have a good rest and relax at the coast of our river or in our old pine woods.
Autumn is very beautiful season in our place. During the long period you can enjoy warm weather and pick mushrooms. In the middle of autumn there is a clear, sunny weather. Wild but mild.
Exhilarating - great for skating!
Cold and snow - a heavy blow.
Don’t let your fire expire.
Heavy snow is fool’s cold. It is awinter time in our village.
There is a warm and sunny spring after cold and snowy winter. Everybody enjoys lovely weather. The nature becomes alive. You can go for a walk in our wood and admire its beauty. Summer is very hot and sometimes exhausting. But nothing prevents children to spend time swimming in the river.


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