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Moskovskiy town

Баробонова Виолетта Сергеевна, учитель английского языка совместно с Мещеряковой Дарьей,
ученицей 5Б класса МОУ СОШ № 1 г. Московский.
Данный проект был выполнен ученицей 5 Б класса Мещеряковой Дарьей.

People! Remember about people,
Who gave us the freedom and life.
People! Remember, respect, live
And be proud of your small motherland!

There is a small town near Moscow which was called Moskovskiy, a small motherland for many people.
Many years ago there was an ancient village Peredeltsy instead of Moskovskiy town. Vladimir Sergeevich Tolstoy is one of its former owners, a horse-guardsman and a member of the Northern Society of Decembrists. That village is also mentioned in the documents referred to the well-known landowner Saltychikha.
Moskovskiy town is located 7 km from Moscow, at the 26th km of Kiev Highway. It is the administrative center of Leninskiy district. It's small, but very cozy. There are three public schools, one new school of Art, new sports school with stadium and many play grounds and rather nice hotel for visitors and tourists.
Moskovskiy town is one of the greenest places in Moscow. There is the famous state farm “Moskovskiy” where a lot of vegetables, flowers, bushes and trees are produced. So, in summer our small motherland is always green and full of different flowers which are treated very carefully. Besides, It is a real pleasure to walk along the beautiful alleys crossed the town. Every citizen is proud of Moskovskiy.
Come to Moskovskiy town. It is a pure gem near Moscow.


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