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Ust-Ilimsk, the legend of the Angara River

Дынникова Юлия, ученица 6 «А» класса
МБОУ «СОШ № 15», г. Усть-Илимск, Иркутская область
Лобанова Елена Александровна, учитель английского языка

My home town Ust-Ilimsk is on the river Angara. I want to tell you about it. This river inspires many writers, poets and artists. They tell about its pure clean water, wonderful banks, rapids, fishing. I like one old Buryat legend. In our region, there was an old, grey and rich Baikal. There was nobody equal to him on force. Many rivers and brooks were his servants. The old Baikal had only one daughter - Angara. She was the first beauty in the world. All admired her. The father loved her very much, but he locked her up and did not let to go out. Angara was sad and dreamt about the freedom. Once, Angara heard the recital of gulls about the Sayan and his son, a very handsome Yenisei, about the free life in wonderful steppes.
Angara wanted to see the Yenisei and to escape out of the strong walls of the palace. The Baikal got to know about the ideas of his daughter and decided to marry her for the rich Irkut. Angara didn't like him. But the father was firm and locked the daughter deeper. Angara asked for the help at brooks, and they began to undermine off-shore rocks. There was a night before the wedding. The old Baikal slept. The Angara broke locks, ran in a passage-way through the walls and began to flow to the desirable Yenisei. Suddenly, the Baikal woke up, he understood what happened. He got so angry, that a strong storm began. The Baikal hit on a mountain. He broke off a whole cliff and threw it to the escaping daughter. But he did not get, the Angara was far. The Angara met the Yenisei and they flew together to the North Sea. People called that stone the Shaman Stone.


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