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Village of Kokino, Bryansk region

Митюгина Татьяна Геннадьевна
МБОУ – Кокинская СОШ Выгоничского района Брянской области
Учитель английского языка

Kokino is situated in Vigonichi district, Bryansk region in 23 km from Bryansk. Pioneer settlements in the vicinities of Kokino, known to us for today, concern the early Iron Age. Typical Slavic settlements appear in the territory of Kokino only by the IX century. Every summer the students of Kokino school take part in archeological expeditions.
Originally the country-seat in Kokino belonged to the ancient family of the Bezobrasovs. Among them there were brave soldiers of Ivan the Terrible, officers of the Russian-Turkish war in 1768-1774 and heroes of Borodino. Then it was sold for debts to V.A. Khalaevа whose family owned it up to the October Revolution. The landowner’s house was built in 1907 on the project of Orlov in the style of eclecticism.The building is a magnificent monument to the architecture of XIX – beginning XX centuries.
In Kokino there is Bryansk State Agricultural Academy. It has grown from the agricultural school organized in 1920-s by P.D. Rilko. The scientists of BSAA breed and grow new strawberry and raspberry varieties which are popular not only in Bryansk region but all over Russia. In the village of Kokino there is an educational stable where the students of BSAA and Kokino school train themselves and then win the regional competitions.


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