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Пушвинцева Галина
Пушвинцева Галина
МБОУ Лицей 103 «Гармония» Железногорск Красноярского края
Ученица 8 «а» класса.

I live in Zheleznogorsk. It is situated in the centre of Krasnoyarsk region, not far from Krasnoyarsk..It is situated on the bank of Yenisei river which is the greatest river in Siberia. A picturesque place in taiga was chosen to build a new town by the first builders of the town place 65 years ago. That time it has been decided to construct a nuclear reactor and a nuclear plant – a chemical industrial complex there - in the town among green hills and monolithic rocky mountains The beginning of the town building was really hard because of autumn dirt and winter colds ,snow drifts, absence of habitation and elementary conditions of normal life. But they managed to build our town , the nuclear reactor and the nuclear plant. Eventually, 4 settlements were a part of the closed administrative formation (BUT), 7 small villages have disappeared but their inhabitants became town people. Now Krasnoyarsk-26 is a small town of great economic, defensive and also social importance. Our home town is a beautiful place to live and work which is worth visiting. It has a city museum where you can find a great collection of very interesting items, connected with city history, main enterprises and the outstanding people of our town. The archeology hall shows the mammoth’s bones and tusks that had been found not far from the construction place. We havea Theatre of music comedy, Culture House, Gorky Park, “Raduga”-a sport complex,a stadium “Trud”, a cinema complex “Cosmos”, Leisure centre and a lot of schools and shops .A city library is great, a city lake is clear and beautiful. Welcome to our city!

Рост Даниил
Рост Даниил
МБОУ Лицей 103 "Гармония" г Железногорск
Ученик 8"А" класса учитель Гузенко Галина Николаевна

I live in Zheleznogorsk – "iron city" on the bank of the river Yenisey.It is known as Krasnoyarsk-26,Atom-town and Zhelezka.Many years ago in 1950s a small settlement on the bank of the river among great forested hills was found to build a new city in taiga. Stalin and Beria decided to build here in Siberia a secret plant to produce strong weapons-grade plutonium by production reactors. The Mining and Chemical Combine was built and had no analog worldwide. Many people went to build the town- engineers, workers, builders.Besides,a lot of prisoners were brought there to work. The town was built with their help, sometimes they worked in dangerous conditions- cold, hunger, lack of medical care, hard labor. In 1954 Zheleznogorsk was recognized as a town and the first elections into the Town Council took place there. The official founder of the building of our town that time ( 1953-1957) was Colonel and Chief Engineer Arcady Andreev. Now one of the main streets is named after him. A small memory place at the cinema “Cosmos” is named after another outstanding person in the history of our town-Major-General M.Tsarevski, general builder of the construction, whose name is given also a school 93. Our town is rather young but very important for Russian economy because of the Radiochemical plant and an underground nuclear reactor which was designed by Academician Sakharov. The Space Research Enterprise of Applied Mechanics was the second main enterprise in the town, whose general designers were S.Korolev and his pupil M.Reshetnev.Now a nice square in the center of the town is Reshetnev square. A great square in the center of the town is Lenin square. I am proud of my town and invite everybody to visit it!


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