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Moscow, Veshnjaky

Костромин Евгений 8 класс
Государственное бюджетное учреждение г. Москвы
средняя общеобразовательная школа №634
Учитель Манакова Яна Юрьевна

Hello, everyone!
I am Evgeniy Koctromin. I am a student of the 8th form. I study at school 634 in Veshnjaky. I want to tell you about this nice district in the East of Moscow. I was born in Moscow. All my live I am a resident of Veshnjaky.
Th e distrct is known since 14th century natural boundary of Moscow. Famous russian aristocrats were owner of this area.They were: Sheremetevy and Odoevskys.
In the autumn of 1941 the fascist came near to Moscow.The government called on the people to help the Red Army to defend the capital. One hundred and twenty thousand Moscovites went to the front.In Veshnjaky in days of the Great Patriotic War was organized the Central female sniper school .In honor of one of the girls which graduated this school was named the street in Veshnjakah-Alija Moldogulova Street. Since 1960 Veshnyaky was included into line of Moscow.The Moscow government decided to build here an area of mass housing construction. A famous soviet architect V.V. Lebedev was the head of project.Here for the first time in Moscow were built the houses of types: “house-ring” and “house-wave”.
The ancient manor Kuskovo is loved by residents and visitors of capital. Regular park of Manor Kuskovo-one of the most ancient parks of Moscow.In east and western parts of the park there beautiful small ponds.I and my friends like to spend our free time here.I admire colourful flower beds and a marvellous stone greenhouse.


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