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Просолович Яна Олеговна
Школа № 1298
Город Химки. Улица Бабакина

My name is Yana. I am twelve years old. I live in Khimki. I love my city very much.
It is situated In Moscow Oblast, North West of Moscow, at the west bank of Moscow Canal with the population about 200000 people. It was founded in 1939. There are a lot of historical and memorial places in Khimki.
Here we also have a big Sport Centre. Khimki is famous for its Basketball Club. There are lots of different clubs, studios for teenagers and a lot of pupils attend them. There is also musical and art school, secondary schools, universities, kindergartens, hospitals, medcenters, post offices. Khimki enjoys a great deal of commercial activity due to its location between Moscow and one of its main airports, Sheremetyevo International airport. There is a railway station here. Some aerospace development centers are located in Khimki.
Khimki is home to one of the largest shopping Malls in Russia which features French chain store Auchan and Swedish Ikea. I like going to Mega because there are a lot of places for entertainment and restaurants there. Sometimes my friends and I go for skating to Mega. It’s really brilliant. On weekends my family and I go to Mega to see new films and to have lunch at our favorite restaurant Shokoladnitsa.
Our city is surrounded by forests and beautiful parks. Our people like spending weekends in the forest picking mushrooms and berries in autumn, skiing in winter and in early spring. I like Khimki and I happy TO LIVE HERE!!!


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