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Носова Галина Ивановна
МБОУ ДОД Дом детского творчества имени академика А.Е. Ферсмана
Управления образования Администрации г.Апатиты
Педагог дополнительного образования высшей квалификационной категории

Apatity is one of the largest towns of the Murmansk region. It is situated at the foot of the Khibiny mountains on the bank of Lake Imandra, the largest lake of the Kola Peninsula.
The Khibiny mountains, rocky and treeless, are located beyond the Arctic Circle. This is the highest land massif on the Kola Peninsula. The exploration of the Khibiny mountains began in1920 under the guidance of A.E. Fersman. In 1949 the Kola Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was founded. Now it is Kola Science Centre, so Apatity is called “a town of scientists”. Different International conferences in various fields of science are held in the Institutes of Kola Science Centre. Apatity is rather young, it was founded in 1966. The population of Apatity is about 60 000 people. The town is modern and beautiful, especially in summer when we have the Polar Day. It lasts from the end of May till the middle of July, so our region is called “the place of the midnight sun”. The sun shines during a day and a night. Some people say that our town is a wonderful place where winter lasts 12 months and the rest time is summer, certainly, it is a joke. We have every season with its own beauty.
Apatity is famous for its “Museum of Minerals” and International exhibition “Stone Flower”. Every February tourists and inhabitants of the Murmansk region have an opportunity to see the unique things made of minerals, leather, silver and wood. Sport is part and parcel of people’s lives. The inhabitants of different ages go in for skiing, snowboarding, swimming, rock climbing, football and ice hockey.
People from distant places come here in winter and in summer to see the Extreme North. And they fall in love with it and the splendour of the Khibiny. It is difficult to come to the North but it is much more difficult to leave it.
But the most important thing is people who are good-humoured, hospitable, sociable and friendly.


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