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Cruiser Aurora

Ксения Чванова
ученица 8 класса
ГБОУ гимназия № 628, «Александринская гимназия»
Учитель английского языка – Смирнова Ирина Николаевна

For many petersburgers and guests of our city the Cruiser Aurora is the symbol of progress, new life and socialism. Others associate it with the starting point of chaos and tyranny. The lives of 3 generations of my family are in some may connected with the cradle of revolution.
My grandpa, when he was at school was keen of making ship models. His best model was the one of the Cruiser “Aurora” and it had won the first prize in a city competition. It was my grandpa who told me that the Cruiser Aurora was built and launched in Saint Petersburg in 1903. But it was my father who first took me there on an excursion. He showed me a small diorama illustrating how on October 25 1917 a blank shot was fired from the “Aurora” and it was a signal for the attack on the Winter Palace.
Being a boy, my father went to school №152 which had friendly ties with the Cruiser and a museum devoted to it. My father was a member of the museum searching group and spent a lot of Sundays on the Cruiser helping the stuff and guiding the groups. He also told me that in November 1948 the Cruiser was moored at a permanent berth.
Now my elder brother is a cadet of the Nakhimov Naval College which is just opposite the Cruiser. He sees it every day and it has become the part of his life as it has been the part of our history and I hope it will always be.


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