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Rostov-on-Don State Circus

Irina Gorozhankina
Form 10
Private School Az Buki Vedi
Teacher Pleshakova Marina Alekseevna

My name is Irina Gorozhankina and I am from Rostov-on-Don. I am in the 10th form. I really like my school and I’m happy to study there. My little sister has entered the 1st class this year. I’m fond of dancing and attend dancing trainings. I like taking pictures and often help my teachers to make a photo story of our school life. I’m cheerful and sociable, interested in life and ready to give a helping hand to my friends.
Rostov-on-Don State Circus. One of the most popular places in Rostov-on-Don is our circus. It’s the place where children can have a trip into the magic land and grown-ups can become children at least for an hour. So I want you to know some interesting facts.
The History: Our Circus was founded by the Russian State Circus Company. The first season was opened on the 1 August, 1957. Since that time a lot of world-famous dynasties, such as the Zapashnys, the Dyrovs, the Kantemirovs as well as famous foreign artists have performed on its arena. Different concerts, holiday programs, various gala performances and New Year Parties are performed here. 150 people work here.
Charity: During the Season Rostov-on-Don Circus provides permanent charity help to children’s homes, orphanages, invalids houses, war veterans, participants of Afganistan campaign, military men of the service, needy families giving them an opportunity to attend its performances for free. If you ever happen to come to Rostov-on-Don find an opportunity to visit our circus which is in Budennovsky Avenue, not far from the Railway and Bus Stations.


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