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Nizhnekamsk, history

Аракчеева Ксения, 6 класс
Учитель: Шарифуллина Лилия Владимировна

I want to tell you about my native town - Nizhnekamsk. It is situated on the left bank of the River Kama. The town with its wide streets, shady avenues is very picturesque. The agricultural lands occupy nearly half of general area. There are 65 settlements in Nizhnekamsk region, most of which have ancient history. Scientists consider that most of the villages of Nizhnekamsk region are situated on the places of villages and cities of Volzhskaya Bulgaria. Different ancient Bulgarish things were found there. It is the religion of Tatars and Russians. In Nizhnekamsk there are magnificent Mosque and Orthodox Church.
Nizhnekamsk deservedly enjoys a reputation of being a pleasant town with many green spaces. For many years Nizhnekamsk has won the green city competition. Many species of trees were planted when the avenues and parks were first laid out.
Visitors and locals enjoy strolling around this pleasant town on its hill side location. The whole place is well organized, convenient and functional. The public centre of each district contains a cultural centre and shopping centre. Nizhnekamsk is also situated in the industrial area of the republic and boasts a well developed infrastructure, power industry and raw materials reserves. There are many pieces of interest that you can visit: a museum, where you can trace the development of the town, a cultural center, many restaurants and entertainment centers.
There is a small village - Krasny Klutch (Red Spring) not far from the town. You can visit the favourite place of true inhabitants - the Holy Spring. All people love this place and come here to celebrate weddings or just relax among the trees with the view to the river Kama. Citizens of Nizhnekamsk love their town and they are greatly proud of it because it is the town which has endless opportunities for development and growing.


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