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Езуфович Глеб,
ученик 8 класса гимназии "Шанс",
учитель английского языка Шуба Людмила Владимировна.

Volgodonsk is a town in the southern Russia on the shore of the Tsymlyanskoye Reservoir between two large industrial centres- Rostov-on-don and Volgograd.
Volgodonsk is a very young city. It was founded in 1950 together with the construction of the Volga- Don Canal, which connected the two great rivers- the Volga and the Don and determined the name of the city.
The inland see was created by an earthern dam 14 kilometers in length which stretches to the historic town of the Cossacks Tsymlyansk.
The port of Volgodonsk is connected by waterways to five seas: The White and the Baltic seas in the north, the Caspian Sea in the east, the Azov and the Black seas in the south.
The inland sea and the Don river has created an ideal recreational climate. Vast stretches of steppe, wooded oases, flood plain of the Don river and its numeral tributaries serve as a refuge for hundreds of birds, dozens of varieties of mammals, among them magnificent deer and wild boars.
The major treasure of the Don Terrritory is its land resources. Fields extend over the region where the following are grown: crops, vegetables, fruit, melons and water-melons, grapes, sunflower, maize, rice, buckwheat and soya beans. Don grapes and Don wines have won well deserved fame.
The Tsymlyanskoye sparkling wine has received numorous silver and gold awards at international wine-testing exhibitions.
The most significant factor in the grows and prosperity of my city has been the nuclear reactor manufacturing facility, Atommash.
The construction of the Nuclear Power Station can contribute to the prosperity of the Don Territory.
Volgodonsk is a beautiful city with many parks and gardens. The new steppe city can boast of trees and shrubs from all over the country of Russia. Every year thousands of saplings are planted in and around the city.
I like living in my city and I’m proud of its history.


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