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Saint-Petersburg, park Novoznamenka

Александров Валерий Игоревич
(преподаватель — Богданова Марина Павловна)
ГБОУ школа №252 Красносельского района Санкт-Петербурга

My name is Valery Alexandrov. I'm sixteen. I was born in Saint-Petersburg. I'm a student of the school № 252. I'm in 10 class. I study well enough. My favourite subjects are Literature, Social Science and Biology. In free time I like reading Russian classical literature, listening to classical music and studying Biology.
My Saint-Petersburg isn't the city other inhabitants see. In my opinion, they see Saint-Petersburg as a majestic, grandiose and a bit mysterious place. I also feel the mysteriousness of the city, but I myself see my city as a serene place. No, I don't argue that Saint-Petersburg isn't a great city. But I would like to pay your attention to the fact that people, I think, should realize the greatness of it and keep their love to it in their souls. Otherwise, their love will disappear because of deliberate exclamations “I love you, Saint-Petersburg!” As for me, I feel my love to Saint-Petersburg quietly, almost silently.
My favourite place in Saint-Petersburg is an old charming park Novoznamenka in Sosnovaya Polyana. This place is beautiful, disturbing and... especial. The peculiarity of this park for me is in the poetic feeling comes to me there. Walking in the park my feelings are deep and full. I imagine various scenes from 19th century life – they are natural there and almost real... I see as young ladies and dandies accompanying them (as if with me) are walking slowly along the paths talking so freely and sincerely about their life and hopes. They should say a lot to each other... They are like characters of an idealistic world from my dreams but I can feel their presence. They smile at me and I hold my breath... The spirit of that time captures me and I fall in love with my city again and again...
This park has become my true friend. I trust it and can talk to it about everything, about my thoughts and I can find there the answers to my questions which I don't know. I enjoy the beauty of its trees, singing of the birds. I admire surprising smooth surfaces of the park lakes. I breathe freely fresh pure air... Here I feel love not only to Saint-Petersburg but also to people, to the world around me... This marvelous fabulous place impressed me once and lives in my heart now and will be forever.


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