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Николаев Роман, студент группы 11-С
Преподаватель - Дружинина Мария Хамидуловна
ГБОУ СПО РМЭ «Козьмодемьянский строительно-индустриальный техникум»

Take a map of Russia and find the blue ribbon denoting the Volga River. On the right bank you can find Kozmodemyansk, my native town. More than four centuries ago the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible ordered a fortress to be built here. It was founded in 1583. The town was named after Saints Cosmas and Damian. In the summer, of 1583 the wooden walls with five turrets were erected and a moat was dug up. In 1698 a chapel was built in the place of one of the turrets to commemorate the Azov campaign of Peter the Great.
Abundance of forests and convenient water ways led to the development of the timber industry. The town was inhabited by timber-merchants, artisans and barge haulers. The streets and buildings of the town are mute witnesses to distant events. Wooden buildings are really remarkable. They are decorated all over with wood-carving. Stone architecture started developing in 18th century.
Nowadays Kozmodemyansk is a cultural and historical centre. Here you can find four museums, the Smolensky Cathedral, the palace of culture, libraries, musical school and school of art. Every summer a lot of people from our country and abroad visit the Museum of A.V. Grigoryev with its fine Picture Gallery and others. The gallery was called “the Malaya Tretyakov Picture Gallery”. It was founded in 1919. The artists of Kazan organized a mobile art exhibition in Kozmodemyansk in 1918. But the Civil War broke out and the exhibition remained in Kozmodemyansk. Now it contains pictures by many distinguished Russian masters, such as: Brullov, Aivazovsky, Levitan, Korovin, Feshin and others.
To appreciate the beauty of our town you had better visit it and see everything with your own eyes.


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