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Рассадникова Ольга Ивановна
Рассадникова Ольга Ивановна
МОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 1 города Светогорска»
Специальность: учитель французского, немецкого, английского языка
Евстюничева Ксения
Ученица - Евстюничева Ксения,
6 класс СОШ г. Светогорска
Выборгского района
I live in a small town. Its name is Svetogorsk. It is situated on the river Vuoksa in sixty kilometres from Vyborg. Our own is near the border with Finland. The town was founded in 1887 and it doesn’t have tons of history but I can tell and after the war it became Russian. Many people from my town go to Finland to do shopping or visit their friends there or to watch a beautiful water fall in Imatra, our neighboring town. Svetogorsk is surrounded by many forests. There are some interesting places in our town. We have a nice park in the centre of the town with a fountain where citizens like to walk especially children get together to play.
There are some more pleasant places in Svetogorsk such as the cinema «Zarya», a swimming pool, the Center of Culture, different cafes and bars where people can rest on week days. Our town is an industrial town. There is the Pulp and Paper factory in the town. It is one of the biggest factories in Russia. It is the only and the most important factory in our town. It cooperates with American firm «International Paper». Most of the people of our town work there. My father is an electronic engineer and he works there but my mother is a programmer in the Customs Office.
There are two secondary school where, a music school, an art school where we study and make friends. I like mi class. I always feit at home there .My classmates are so friendly and easy to get along with. We like to spend our free time together playing different computer games, walking, cleaning our favorite town in spring and in autumn. We usually celebrate our birthdays together. I like Svetogorsk because it is my native town, because I have many true friends here. I enjoy its picturesque places in all the seasons. Also I prefer to live in a small town such as Svetogorsk to avoid noise and dust.


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