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Chelyabinsk, Kirovka street

Сутягина Елена Геннадьевна
учитель английского языка
МАОУ лицей №35 г. Челябинска

Работаю учителем английского языка с 2004 года. Принимаю активное участие в различных конкурсах, в том числе являюсь призером Всероссийского конкурса «Мой лучший урок».
The most famous pedestrian street in Chelyabinsk is Kirovka. The south part of the Kirova street, from Truda street to Lenina prospect, became pedestrian in 2000. The official name - Kirovka - was given in 2004. Street became a good place for creative citizens: amateur artists are singing and dancing, playing violin, guitar and African drums, the Ural craftsmen offer paintings and jewelry, hand made of stone, bark and other natural materials. City festivals and creative meetings are usually held here. Since summer 2011 the street is provided with a free Wi-Fi.
There are proud chief of police, modest peasant, light-hearted beggar, freelance artist in front of the curved mirror, Russian left-hander Levsha who shod a flea. Not only guests of the city happy to take pictures with them, but inhabitants as well.
There is a mark of «zero mile», which is as a nominal border between Europe and Asia, and monument devoted to the founders of the city. Sculpture of saxophonist attracts young musicians every day. A bronze camel symbolizes Chelyabinsk. Children adore climbing on a carriage, looking like a Cinderella’s one, and on a bright scarlet barrel with a gallant fireman standing nearby. The firemen like that used to take water from Miass river two centures ago for fire fighting.
The citizens of Chelyabinsk love this street so much that appoint dates and meetings here. They surely take their guests from different parts of the world to Kirovka to boast. There is a sign for newlyweds associated with this pedestrian street: if in a wedding day young couple walk along the Kirovka, partners will have long and happy family life. The other sign is for everybody: if you make a step on your Zodiac in the astral circle, situated in Kirovka, and made a wish, it will come true.


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