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Zhigulevsk, school museum

Довранова Галина Ибрагимовна, учитель английского языка.
Асарская Ксения 7 класс.
Присухина Ксения 11 класс.
ГБОУ школа№6 г.о. Жигулёвск Самарская обл.

We are students of school № 6. It is in the heart of National Park “Samarskaya Luka”, one of the most picturesque places of Samara region. Our school is situated in the neighbourhood Yablonevy Ovrag. There is an excellent museum- studio in our school. There are four halls there. We would like to tell you about them.
Entering the hall our guests have to put on special shoes. Our teachers are ready to arrange an excursion. The first hall is devoted to the Great Patriotic War.The pictures and photos show us dramatic events of the war. Different exhibits attract attention to the magnificent deed of Russian people.
The second hall meets visitors with a figure of Gulliver, giants and lilliputs. The figures are very realistic. Watching the exhibits of English- speaking language hall our guests can remember different English words and phrases and even play various games. They have a great time there. It is so unusual to see life- size figures of English literature characters.The exhibition of the hall helps pupils of our school to have amazing English lessons there.
The next hall tells us about the celebration of Cosmonaut’s Day all over the world. This year we are celebrating the anniversary of Yury Gagarin‘s first flight into space.We can remember glorious pages of Russian space exploration.
But our favourite hall is the board games hall. This year visitors can be suggested to get acquaintance with the history of chess. We can look at majestic chess figures and even play this splendid game. Pupils of our school often have got chess tournaments there.
Our school is very proud of having the museum. Travelling in Samara region you should stay for some hours in Zhigulevsk. Don’t miss out on a visit to school № 6, to our museum-studio. With its expositions and guides, it will certainly be unforgettable.


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