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The history of Kozmodemyansk

Александрова Елена Владимировна, преподаватель иностранных языков
ГБОУ СПО РМЭ «Козьмодемьянский колледж электронной техники»
Республика Марий Эл, г.Козьмодемьянск

The town of Kozmodemyansk is the centre of the Highland Mari Region. The town is situated on a high hill overlooking the magnificent Volga river. The historical records tell that more than four centuries ago the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible ordered a fortress to be built there. The place for the fortress was chosen by the Tsar for the strategic reasons of protecting the Russian lands from numerous enemies. The official date of the foundation of Kozmodemyansk is 1583. That year the wooden walls with five turrets were erected and a moat was dug up. In 1698 a chapel was built in the place of one of the turrets to commemorate the Azov campaign of Peter the Great. This chapel is the oldest stone monument in the town.
The buildings of Kozmodemyansk are really remarkable. They are decorated with wood carving. For centuries wood was the main building material. Being a wooden town, Kozmodemyansk burnt several times.
By the end of the 18th century seven stone churches had been built in Kozmodemyansk. The pride of the town is the Smolensky Cathedral built in 1872.
The three micro-districts of the modern town are inhabited by workers, office workers and their families. In Kozmodemyansk there are four secondary schools, a children's musical school, an art school, a sports school and our college. Kozmodemyansk is a small part of our country where the Maris and the Russians live in one friendly family.


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