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Saint-Petersburg is my native city

Буйлова Дарья Антоновна
Буйлова Дарья Антоновна, 14 лет.
Ученица 8 класса Б, гимназии № 166
Центрального района Санкт-Петербурга.

Saint-Petersburg is my native city, where I have been living since my birthday. My city is considered to be one of the most gorgeous cities in the world. It is also the cultural capital of Russia. It is one of the most visited cities of our great country. Everything is beautiful in the city. Its buildings and bridges, gardens, avenues and granite embankments are magnificent and fantastic. In the summer you can see one of the best known wonders of our city – white nights.
I like walking about the city, its avenues, straight streets, parks. I admire the architecture of its palaces, mansions and old buildings which are so marvelous and impressive. I enjoy the unique atmosphere of these places inherent only to St. Petersburg. The city breathes art and history. It is so fabulous when at night the city is sparkling with thousands of lights. The drawn bridges add an unforgettable impression.
My city is shrouded in mysteries and legends. It is full of charms. But it keeps its secrets carefully. Sometimes at a summer night one can hear a quiet thud of bronze hooves of the Bronze horseman on the Angliyskay embankment. Many legends tell us about ghosts, walking in the Winter palace, about the secret doors and passages of the palace, but they had not been found. There is a sign among honeymooners saying that if one touches the big toes of the sculptures of The Atlants in front of the Winter palace, they will be lucky.
In my opinion embankments are the most wonderful places of Saint-Petersburg. When I see the view opening from the Angliyskay embankment or the University embankment, I understand that I live in the most beautiful city on the Earth.
I recommend everyone to visit Saint–Petersburg, to see all its beauty with their own eyes and to love it forever.


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