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Siberia, Zabaikalye, Chita. The story behind the names

Liza Kabaleeva,
6 a form pupil of Chita school 49,
specializing in English

We live in Siberia that begins from the Urals and stretches to the Amur.We call ourselves zabaikalians,it’s a kind of a geographical definition of our place of living.
People exiled from the European part of Russia to Siberia many years ago were often called “Chaldons.”Swarthy Zabaikalians are more often named “Gurans.”They differ from thoroughbred Russian people by their swarthinsess and a bit Asian typeof the face.This is because of their ancestors born from mixed marriages.It is known that more than three hundred sixty years ago only men arrived in Zabaikalye and to have a family they had to take away or buy women from buryats and evenks.”Guran” is a tender (caressing) nickname,gurans are graceful goats inhabiting our taiga.
The word “Siberia” means forests,taiga.The tungus said:”we go to siberia or from siberia.”In fact,Zabaikalye is famous for its taiga.
And what about “Chita”, the capital of Zabaiykalsky krai?This name bears a lot of mysteries.Some people believe that the name of the river Chita comes from a rich evenk man.Others say that Chita is translated as “fuel stone.”One more opinion is that Chita means a birch bark-because there are many birch groves around our town.
Nobody knows exactly what a mysterious name of our town means and I don’t think it is worth argueing about it.
It’s even good that some mystery is hidden in its name and this attracts people to solve it.


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