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Leninogorsk – the oil land

Выполнила ученица 8 А класса
Галимова Алина
Учитель Есипова Надежда Васильевна
Г.Лениногорск РТ

My native town is Leninogorsk. It isn’t very big but it’s young enough. All history of my town is connected with oil. There was only a small village at the hill not many years ago. In summer 1943 the first ton of oil was discovered in this place and the history of our land began from that time. After that important discovery many oil-workers came here. They built houses and lived there, so the village began to grow up. In 18 August 1955 our town was named Leninogorsk. Opening of Romashkinskoe oil field helped the development of oil industry in our area. It was necessary for Russia to develop the oil industry for rebuilding the economy after the war. So oil industry started to develop more and more.
After 66 years Leninogorsk is one of the largest industrial centers of Tatarstan republic. Today we have a lot of monuments which devote to oil in our town. For example, the Oil monument. People who built this monument devoted it to oil-workers of our town. All about the oil history of Leninogorsk you can know in one of the first museums in Russia – Museum of Oil. It has many exhibits, which bring up the pride of our fathers and grandfathers. People who visit our town like going to this museum. There is also the monument to the minister of petroleum industry Shashin, who said:”History of Tatarstan oil is the greatest page of developing oil industry. People, who do those wonderful feats, will be remembered with gratitude” Leninogorsk shows us the bright example of people who love their native town and proud of it.
Welcome to Leninogorsk!


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