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The estate Gorenky

Тикушин Михаил
Возраст: 14 лет
Школа,класс: МОУ «Гимназия №1» г.Балашихи Московской области, 8В
Учитель английского языка: Хлопкина Вера Анатольевна

The estate Gorenky has been known since the 17th century.
This place was called Korobkina’s wasteland. The first owner of the estate was N.Pleshcheev.
In 1693 the estate passed to Prince Hilkov . At that time, a large wooden house was built there and the place was called "Gorenky."
In 1714, it was sold to I.A. Dolgorukov who was a friend of Peter II. In those times, the young king often visited "Gorenky." After Peter's death, Dolgorukov was sent to exile.The manor went to the state.
In 1747 the manor was sold to A.G. Razumovsky. At that time a stone house and a church were built.
After his death the estate went to A.K. Razumovsky. He began to build a huge mansion with a park. Soon the estate “Gorenky” opened the Botanical Gardens. There was a rich collection of nearly 7000 plants, many of which were exotic for that region.In the 12-meter-high greenhouse one could find nearly 300 tropical plants, including palms,bamboo, American fur-trees,olive-trees,Jamaican cedar, cypress.Great russian and foreign scientists,such as I.Redovsky, F.H.Steven and G.i.Fisher, worked in those Botanical Gardens and performed their experiments.A separate building was given for a mineral collection, brought by a famous sea traveller I.F.Krusenstern.Razumovsky was especially proud of it. In the 1812 war the estate was not destroyed.
In 1827 it was sold to the Count Yusupov.
Since 1830 to1910 there was a paper factory.
In the 1920-1925 an orphanage was situated there.
Since 1926 a health resort "Red Rose" has been located in the estate.
During the Great Patriotic war a hospital worked here.


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