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Vyborg, the house of Goving

Таргон Валерия Игоревна
МБОУ "Гимназия №11"
г.Выборг, 10 "Б",
Учитель Душеина Татьяна Владимировна

Vyborg is a small town situated in the north-west of Russia. Its long history has three main periods:Swedish, Finnish and Russian. The old part of Vyborg is famous for its architecture.
One of outstanding buildings is the house of Goving. The ancestors of Victor Goving, its owner, came from Holland. They were booksellers who had the only bookshop in Vyborg where people could buy literature in Swedish and Finnish. It was Victor who had the idea of building a big house with a bookshop.
The building was built in 1903-1904. It was the first house in Vyborg constructed in northern modernist style. It has an amazing facade with decorations on the top of the windows. There was an inner yard, which was not typical of architecture of that time. It looked very much like a garden. The inner design of the house was marvelous, too. There were more than 60 differently decorated fireplaces. These fireplaces served not only for heating and ventilation purposes but also as an essential element of the design. Drawings on their tiles were in harmony with ornaments on ceilings and doors.
The house looked grand. It added much to the beauty of the city.


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