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Зимнюкова Ксения, ученица 7а класса,
МОУ СОШ №19 г. Волгограда
учитель Переяслова Владислава Владимировна

The city of Volgograd is famous all over the world not only for its rich history and heroic past but also for its people, who brought glory to it. The poetess Margarita Agashina is among them. M. Agashina’s name is well-known in poetry. Her verses turned into songs became known around Russia. These lines are taken from the letter of O.Voronets, sent to M. Agashina after the concerts in Ryazan. “You can’t imagine what was going on after “Where can I find such a song…”! We have been to remote regions and again the culmination: “Where can I find…” I’m hardly saying “music by Ponomarenko, verses by Agashina” – it’s already thundering! I hardly began to sing the first words of the song, the audience exploded with applause.” The song “There grows a birch tree in Volgograd” became the hymn of the hero city.
The main themes of Agahina’s poetry were taken from life: the bitter and simultaneously high destiny of her generation, whose youth fell on the Great Patriotic War, love and betrayal, joy and pain, and the freedom, achieved through suffering, Stalingrad’s destiny of a soldier, and then Volgograd restored to life from ruins.
She claimed: “If I lived in another city, I would write other poems (or I wouldn’t write them at all!). Its destiny, its people, its mothers and widows, its buildings, roads, its immense fields – this all taught and teaches me to live, grieve and rejoice with everybody, not to spare myself and to be myself”.
The citizens of Volgograd remember the poetess Agashina. The memorial plaque was opened on the wall of the house where she lived. There is a street named after Agashina in Volgograd. You can see the monument to the poetess in the centre of the city which was glorified by her.


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