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Насардынова Неля
Учитель: Марченко Е.В.

Hello, my name is Nelya.
I sudy at school № 2032 in the 8-th form. I was born in Moscow, but my real homeland is Kazan.
It’s one of the largest industrial, cultural, educational and scientific centers of Russia. Kazan is a sports capital of Russia. It’s capital of Tatarstan. It was founded in 929-923 years.
I’d like to tell you about my real homeland. In my opinion, homeland is the place, where your parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and all your family lived. Your neighbors and friends from your homeland are the closest people in the world.
When I come to Kazan for summer holiday, I want only one thing – to enjoy the nature. This nature is so beautiful that I can’t describe it in words. Sunsets and sunrises are amazingly exciting. Just imagine you’re sitting in a field, you certainly understand that it’s surprisingly big, wide and unique. You want to sit and never stand up, because your soul is quiet, body’s relaxed and your mind is somewhere high. In the evening I have to go back home. I’m going along the city: the buildings are so beautiful in the last sunbeams. Glasses of buildings are shining like the sun. I’m passing the Kazan Kremlin which has a world-wide fame. The most famous mosque of Kremlin is Kul-Sharif. I love my religion. I think that religion of people is the part of their soul; it’s something personal, that nobody can take away from you. You know that it is the most important to know who you’re. As for me, religion is my understanding of God, people’s soul, our Earth, our thoughts, feelings. I can see women and men which going back home to see their relatives and children. They invite their friends to drink tea in the bosom of the family. It’s a homeland for them.
I believe, homeland isn’t only the place where you were born, it’s something important, that you always keep in your soul!


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