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Vyatskie Polyany: churches and monasteries

Умрилова Ольга Леонидовна
Кировское областное государственное
общеобразовательное автономное учреждение
«Многопрофильный лицей г. Вятские Поляны»
учитель английского языка

There are some historical monuments and churches in Vyatskie Polyany which form a cultural identity of the town. St. Nicolas Church is a significant historical and architectural monument of the XIX century. It stands in the picturesque place on the high bank of the river Vyatka and was erected in 1826 at the place of the burnt church built in 1616. During the Soviet times the church suffered greatly. It was turned into the club, then it was a cinema, a garage and a local archive. The work on restoring the cathedral began in 1987. A lot of residents of Vyatskie Polyany took part in this work and donated money for the restoration.
Michael the Archangel Church is an example of the traditional Russian wooden architecture, one of the oldest wooden structures in Kirov region. It was built in 1733 in the settlement of Sushy. The only carpenter's tool used by the builders was an ax. The church was built without a single nail. In 1933 it was closed and its wooden building was firstly used as a village club and then as a granary. In 1960 Michael the Archangel Church was announced to be a great historic and cultural monument, however, the church wasn’t restored because of the lack of money. The former church gradually acquired an unsightly appearance and the village itself became a lonely place. So it was decided to move the church to Vyatskie Polyany and begin its restoration. The church was put up next to the old cemetery, where the participants of different wars are buried. Now there is a male monastery on the territory of the church.
Khristorozhdestvensky Iversky female convent was built in 1997 at the place of Trinity church that was fully destroyed in the 30s of the XX century. Today church services in the monastery take place daily in the morning and in the evening.


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