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Moscow. Severnoye Tushino.

Данилова Алина. 4 класс «Б»
ГБОУ № 1062 г. Москва
Учитель - Семенова Ольга Александровна

I would like to tell about a special place in Moscow, a park called “ Severnoye Tushino”. It’ s my favorite holiday area. The park is large, green and beautiful. It is situated on a bank of the Himki basin. Fifty years ago the village Zakharkovo was located here. My Grandma and Grandpa live not far from this park. So we often come here to walk at the weekends.
Many years ago a lot of apple and pear-trees were planted here. So in spring you can admire the bloomy garden. There are a lot of funny and attractive wooden sculptures all over the park. In summer people arrange picnics, sunbathe, play tennis and volleyball, ride bicycles and go rollerblading. Children like to ride horses and ponies. You can go for a drive on the small ship and enjoy picturesque sights of nature. For children there are a lot of attractions and playgrounds here, too. On holidays we take part in different events, watch interesting shows and concerts. There is a romantic place here, called Pushkinskaya alleya. Near the pavilion there is an open area where people dance at the weekends like in old times.
In 2006 on the bank was opened a very interesting museum. You can get into the real submarine, look at the interior and learn about its history. This submarine was delivered to Moscow by the North Navy. It served in the Mediterranean Sea from 1981 and protected our borders in the North Sea as well.
There are some cafes in the park. It is a pleasure to eat in the open air. In winter I often come in the Tushino to skate. It is а nice skating-rink here just among the tall trees. Children also like to move down from the hill. It is great! People usually take some bread with them to feed ducks and pigeons. You can see lots of different birds in the park. One day I even met an owl here.
I am fond of the Tushino Park, because I never get bored here!


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