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Moscow, Zelenograd

Когтев Даниил Витальевич
ГБОУ г. Москвы лицей 1557
9 класс «В»
Учитель английского языка:
Хромогина Любовь Георгиевна

Russian Silicon Valley, the Shtyki memorial, the squirrel and Sitronics are just a few of the things Zelenograd is famous for. Although it forms part of Moscow, Zelenograd has a distinct character of its own. To begin this collection of different views of Zelenograd here is an account of the city as it is today.
In area, it is 3722 hectares. Its population is, however, about 224 000 people. The city color is green and its emblematic animal is the squirrel. Zelenograd is a land of unspoilt natural beauty, where the mood and rhythm of the countryside harmonize with the latest technologies and comforts of a modern city. Like Moscow Zelenograd has its share of modern and innovative buildings constructed to replace old five – storey ones. Zelenograd was one of the most powerful centers of electronics, microelectronics and computer industry in the former Soviet Union and it still plays a similar role in modern Russia. The city is home to be headquarters of Sitronics microelectronics department and all production facilities of FEMS – department.
Zelebograd has undergone more than a decade of renewal and now provides superb opportunities to study (Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology), to be entertained (the Vedogon theatre), to do shopping (a lot of modern super-markets and department stores) or just to enjoy being out of doors. Also, on view here are potent symbols of the Great Patriotic War: the Shtyki memorial, the monument to Rokosovskiy, the Unknown Soldier monument.

“My city is a curtained window,
A refraction of light in the mirror,
A flash in a snow-covered field,
Brilliant in brightness,
Not a torch in the mist
But in clear daylight.”


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