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Prosper Stavropol – Russia the particle!

ОЦ «Language Line», город Михайловск,
Ставропольский край
учитель - Ракитина Ольга Валерьевна;
выполнила ученица 9-го класса
Лапта Полина

Have you ever heard about place, where you can relax and forget about your problems? I know! It is Stavropol – the capital of Stavropol krai. I think, it is one of the best cities in Russia. Of course, Stavropol is not as big city as Moscow or St. Petersburg, but Stavropol citizens love this place.
There are many interesting attractions for guests in our city, where they can relax or have a good time. Many people – many opinions. If you like nature you can visit a botanical garden where there are many rare trees and magnificent flowers. You can enjoy the fresh air and escape from the city there. But if you don't like this type of relaxation, you can visit many other places, for example, to go shopping or to have fun in the Crazy Park. In the evening, you can visit different places to eat or go to night club to dance. There are also some cinemas and theatres. If you prefer sport, you should go to the skating rink or swimming pool. And if you are tired, you may stay in a hotel, where always work friendly and helpful stuff.
So, if you have problems with your health, you can visit other cities of Stavropol krai, such as Pyatigorsk or Kislovodsk. These places are the part of Caucasian Mineral Waters. There are many sanatoriums with hydro-mineral resources, which haven’t got any world analogues in their healing properties and variety. There you can improve your health or simply have a rest.
All in all, Stavropol krai is the land of wealth and hospitality. So, welcome to our krai!


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