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Chita, Daursky reserve

Yliya Bilinchuk,
a 6 form pupil of Chita school 49,
specializing in English

I love animals, so I want to talk about Daursky Reserve.
Established in 1987, Daursky reserve is located in the south of the Trans-Baikal region. There are many hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests. The fauna of the reserve includes 4 types of fish, 3 species of amphibians, 3 species of reptiles, more than 315 species of birds and 52 species of mammals. More than 100 bird species are listed in Red Books of various ranks. In the reserve there are four types of cranes - Daurian, Grey, Japanese, and belladonna. Of the 52 species of animals - 4 are in Red Data Book of Russia - marmot -, Daurian hedgehog, cat, Pallas' cat, antelope dzeren. The reserve is the only place in Russia, where the dzeren breeds and constantly lives. There are 3600 - 3800 Siberian antelopes now. Most of the species are typical steppe animals. The taiga species such as the red vole, East Asian mouse and squirrel can be found only in some areas and in "Tsasucheysky Forest" reserve.
The list of mammals includes the Daurian hedgehog, 4 species of shrews, 6 species of bats, Daurian pika and 2 species of hares, 22 species of rodents, carnivores dog family (4 species, but red wolf), mustelids (6 species), cats (2 species), ungulates (4 species). Once this territory was inhabited by now extinct wild ass and mountain sheep (argali). The reserve has more than 28 plant species which are included into the regional Red Book, and 3 of them in Red Book of Russia.


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