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Chita, Peter Beketov

Olga Skripnichenko,
a 6 form pupil of Chita school 49,
specializing in English.

Peter Beketov was a prominent Cossack explorer of Siberia and founded many cities such as Yakutsk, Chita and Nerchinsk. Beketov started his military service as a guardsman in 1624 and was sent in Siberia in 1627.He was appointed Enesei voevoda and outcome on his first voyage in order to collect duty from Zabaykalye Buryats.He carried out his mission successfully and he was the first Russian enter to Buryatia and founded the first Russian location.
Beketov was sent to the Lena River in 1631 and in the following year he and his Cossacks founded Yakutsk, which became a base for further expeditions eastward. He sent his Cossacks to explore the Aldan River and further down the Lena, to found new fortresses and to collect duty from the locals.
In 1640 he transported collected duty to Moscow where at his arrival he was appointed streets and Cossack commander and in 1641 Beketov returned to Enisei ostrog as the head of the fortress.
In 1652 he launched the second tax collecting voyage to Buryatia,and in 1653 Beketov’s Cossacks founded a fortress, Irgensky ostrog, and on the bank of the Ingoda River they built a winter settlement, follow-up Chita. In the following year Beketov’s Cossacks founded the future Nerchinsk. In 1665 Beketov’s Cossacks were sieged in Shilkinsky ostrog by rebelous Buryats and after pacifying the locals they had a chance to leave the fortress for the Amur River. Beketov returned to Tobolsk in 1661 where he met protopop Avvakum and probably died in the same year. His monument you can see near the Drama Theater.
Chita is not a well-known city, but it is the capital of Zabaykalye and has a great history. It’s very interesting and very beautiful!


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