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Alexandrov, Kremlin

Солодская Екатерина
Учитель английского языка
ГБОУ СОШ №2036 г.Москва
Антонова Людмила Николаевна
Работу выполнила ученица
4 «А» класса Солодкая Екатерина.

There are a lot of beautiful cities in Russia. I’d like to tell you about one old town – Alexandrov. My Mum and my Granny were born in this town. Every year I went on holydays there.
There are a lot of famous places in Alexandrov. One of the most wonderful sights I like in this town is the museum “Alexandrov village”. It is on the territory of Alexandrov Kremlin. It was the country residence of Russian tsars. It was also the oprichnina capital of Ivan the Terrible. “Alexandrov village” was called “Russian Versailles”. The ambassadors from Sweden, Denmark, Austria and England were met there. The most important political and trade agreements were made in the chambers of Alexandrov village”.
Ivan the Terrible turned it into the largest cultural centre of Russia. The first Russian conservatory and the first provincial book-printing laboratory appeared in this town.
Nowadays there are a lot of legends and secrets about “Alexandrov village”. We do not know where the library of Ivan the Terrible disappeared to….. A lot of Ivan the Terrible life events are associated with it too.
Anyway, I like to visit Alexandrov and Alexandrov Kremlin. I like to know new facts about the history of my nation. And I am very proud to live in such a country where there are a lot of amazing towns and cities!


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