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Moscow. Novodevichу Convent.

Москва, ГОУ СОШ №1078
Ученица 10 класса Лусникова Елизавета
Учитель Корнеева Н.М.

My name is Liza. I live in Moscow. I like to study history and see Moscow’s sights, because it is our heritage. Novodevichу Convent is the most significant historical and artistic ensemble of medieval Moscow.
Novodevichу Convent was founded in 1524 under the Grand Prince of Moscow Vasily III and was to mark the recapture of the old Russian town of Smolensk which had been seized by the Grand Principality of Lithuania more than a century before.
The fortress of the Novodevichу Convent stood up to the attacks of the Crimean Tatars. During the Polish and Swedish intervention in the early 17th century the Polish troops occupied the convent on several occasions. In 1598 Boris Godunov was elected a Tsar in the Convent. In 1698, the mutiny of the strelitz troops broke out. It was suppressed by government troops and in October mass executions of the mutineers were carried out in Moscow and near the Convent’s walls. A decree issued by Peter the Great confined Tsarevna Sophia to the Convent which since then was closed to the world. Tsarevna Sophia occupied the chambers of Naprudnaya Tower.
The Convent’s architectural ensemble emerged in the course of the 16th -17th centuries. The 16th century compleх is represented in our time by Smolensky Cathedral, St. Ambrose Chapel with refectory and Princess Irina’s Palace Chambers. Smolensky Cathedral is the oldest and the biggest church in the Convent. Its interior has retained fine mural, paintings and a magnificent iconostasis. It comprises removable icons belonging to the Tsars Ivan IV, Fyodor Ioannovich and Boris Godunov.
The cemetery in the territory of Novodevichу Convent emerged in the 18th century . Many famous people of Russian history and culture were buried there.


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