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Murmansk, famous places

Сорокина Елизавета Павловна
МОУ гимназия №7 г. Мурманска

Hello. My name is Sorokina Yelizaveta and I’m a student of 5th form in gymnasia №7. I live in Murmansk, Russia. And I’d like to present you a story about my native town. I can’t stop talking about Murmansk because it has a lot of places of interests, museums and monuments. I wish I could tell you about all of them.
In my opinion, Murmansk is the most beautiful town beyond the Polar Circle. Winter lasts from November till March and what is left for summer - is not enough. In winter we “survive” during the Polar night, when it is dark all day long. In our town everything reminds you of the sea. Murmansk has a large merchant port. It never freezes in winter. Ships can call at the port all the year round. You can see monuments and visit museums and galleries. This is a monument to Anatoly Bredov, he is the national hero of the World War II. It is a sculpture of soldier holding a hand-grenade. It shows Bredov in his last battle, when he was surrounding by the enemies. Fascists wanted to take him to a prison, but he blew up himself with the great amount of enemies.
This huge building looks like an airship. It is a swimming pool which is 50 metres long. Little citizens of Murmansk, living in the shores of the Arctic Ocean, which is too cold to have a swim in it even in summer, learn to swim there. It is also the place for many sports competitions.


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