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My town is Norilsk

Рудковский Владислав Анатольевич
Учащийся МБОУ СОШ 2
г.Белореченск, Краснодарский край
Учитель- Козьменко Лариса Николаевна

Norilsk is an industrial town located on the Taimyr peninsula in the North of the Russian Federation. The population of Norilsk is 145000 people. It was founded in 1935. Everything in the town was built by prisoners. Norilsk is a town of miners and workers. There are some interesting places for visitors. The museum of Norilsk is worth visiting because we can know the history of town, the exploration of the North, the culture of peoples of the North. The Mayakovsky Theatre is the place where citizens like to come. Lenin Street is the main street of the town.
Visitors can go skiing in winter or fishing in summer and have a good time. We have many opportunities to go in for sports: to play ice hockey, to skate, to do gymnastics, to play football, to swim, etc. An excellent way to spend your time is to go to Lama Lake in summer. Beautiful nature and pure water is a characteristic feature of Lama. Dudinka is a port on the Yenisei. There is a very good museum rich in different valuable exhibits. It is the capital of autonomous district. Talnakh. It is a town of miners. Miners work in mines and get minerals. Alykel. This is a modern and well-equipped airport where airplanes from many different cities fly. Oganer. It is famous for its hospital where excellent doctors treat people of Norilsk region. Kayerkan. It is famous for “Nadezhda” – a very big metallurgical plant where many qualified workers and engineers work. Kayerkan sometimes called the valley of death because of cruel snowstorms where people disappear.
I love my town, but I prefer to live in warmer places.


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