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Krasnodar, interesting places

Казакова Валерия Андреевна
ГБОУ СОШ № 419, ВАО, г. Москвы
Учитель Духин Виталий Анатольевич.

Я люблю слушать музыку, гулять с друзьями, смотреть разные интересные передачи, ходить с классом или с родителями на разные мероприятия. Я учу английский с 1 класса.

Krasnodar is located in the Krasnodar Territory and is the capital of the Kuban and this city is my native and home city. I was born here and lived for a long time. Krasnodar is not a very well-known city in Russia, but it is well-known in the Kuban. In Krasnodar there are many attractions, but not everyone knows about their existence. I'll tell you about some of them. Here is the famous cinema house «Aurora». The cinema has 2 cinema halls: large and small. There is a café - pizzeria, a playground and a game hall with game machines. In front of the building there are fountains and a sculpture of Aurora. Soon the cinema will be reconstructed. And here's the monument “Purse”, and it is located at the corner of Gogol and Krasnoarmeiskaya Street. There is a city legend concerning the monument: “The one who sits on it or puts his or her own money will get financial security”. Finally I would like to speak about the Monument to Catherine II. It was established in 1906 and was dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the resettlement of Cossacks Black troops to Kuban. The monument became a symbol of Ekaterinodar and perhaps it is the biggest tourist attraction. In the hands of the Empress there is the scepter and orb, and she looks wise and dignified, dressed in royal purple. I love Krasnodar for the fact that it is almost always warm there and it is my hometown.


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