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Welcome to Omsk

Сиротин Алексей, 7 класс,
учитель английского языка
Миляева Виктория Владимировна
МОУ «Лицей № 143»

I live in Omsk. It’s a very big city. The population by now is 1 154 000 citizens. This city is about three hundred years old. At first, it was a small military fort near the border. For a century it was also a place for the exiles and the prisoners. During the Civil War, Omsk was the place where the Kolchak’s Stavka (the government of the Whites Russian State) was.
Of course, there are lots of historical landmarks and interesting sights you may want to visit.
First of all, you should walk along the Old Embankment. It’s on the right side of the Irtysh River. This place is very beautiful. Old trees are seen from here as well as an amazing horizon view. It is a really good place to walk and think a bit, resting in a shadow. I also like the Trade Centre. This is one of the biggest shops in the entire city and one of the most popular ones. You can find anything in here: from paintings to chairs! Long time ago there was a huge market square, and the Trade Centre, built in 1984, was the first modern structure designed by architects from Saint Petersburg specially for the historical centre of Omsk. The Trade Centre includes several restaurants, an art gallery and a nightclub.
But the most beautiful historic part of our city is Lenin Street. It’s the place where merchants have been selling things since nearly two hundreds years ago. On top of one of these edifices there is Omsk Clock which is the biggest clock in the city. Lenin Street is a place where you can see several unusual sculptures: Lyubochka and Stepanych the plumber. Another historic sight is Drama Theatre. It’s been around for 150 years. The building is one of the architectural masterpieces. Each year, ACADEMIA Festival takes place here so viewers can enjoy performances of foreign theatres and troupes.


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