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Welcome to Mikhaylovsk!

ОЦ «Language Line»,
город Михайловск, Ставропольский край
учитель - Ракитина Ольга Валерьевна;
выполнили ученики 6-го класса:
Торикова София, Родимушкина Юлия, Амирханян Мариам.

Have you ever heard about Mikhaylovsk? If your answer is “No”, we’ll try to tell you about this small but beautiful town.
This lovely town on the southern tip of Russia has its own history. It was founded in 1784 as the village of Mikhaylovskoye. In 1963, it was renamed. After that, the Shpakovskoye village was granted a town status and given its present name in 1999.
Take a walk around the centre of our town. You can see the Lenin’s square with his monument, the historical museum and the eternal flame. If you are tired, you can have a rest near the fountain or visit a restaurant. There is also an amusement park when you can have a lot of fun or just relax.
The most favourite place in our town is a skating rink. It is one of the biggest rinks in Stavropol krai. Children prepare for the Olympic games which will take place in Sochi in 2014. A world famous figure skater Elena Berezhnaya came to our place to train the future champions. So, we think it’s your turn to visit our wonderful town!


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