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Chita, Local Lore Museum

Ekaterina Barabashova,
pupil of school 49,
specializing in English, 6 A form.

I was born in the town of Chita. This is my little homeland. Chita is a small town, but it is very nice. Chita was founded in 1653 and was recognized by the town in 1851. Peter Beketov was the founder of Chita. I want to talk about the Zabaikal regional Local Lore Museum named after A. K. Kuznetsov. Two-story stone building of the museum was built in 1914 by architect Utkin. The building is a unique architectural monument of federal significance. This museum is an attraction of town and region. More than a century, the museum is the largest center of spiritual life of the town. Over 180 thousand monuments of natural history, material and spiritual culture are there in the collection of the museum. The museum has significant collections of documentary monuments, covering the period 18-20 centuries. In the funds of the museum there are manuscripts of Decembrists and well-known public figures of the Zabaikal late 19th-early 20th centuries. A significant collection of numismatic items is here: commemorative medals, badges, coins. Art collection is paintings, porcelain, sculptures, objects of decorative art.
I love my Chita for its vast forests, for blue sky, for blooming Labrador tea, for abundance of lakes, for frost and sun!


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