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Духин Анатолий Витальевич
ГОУ СОШ № 1373 ВАО г. Москвы
Я учусь в 5 классе, мне 11 лет,
английский учу с 2 класса,
учитель – Суклышкина Елизавета Ивановна

Every year I travel to Yaroslavl. It is a beautiful ancient city. It is very old, older than Moscow. It dates back to more than a thousand years ago. The city is located on both banks of the river Volga. And it is a rather important river port since the Volga is the greatest Russian river. The city was founded by the Great Prince Yaroslav the Wise and his men. The official year of its foundation is considered to be 1010. The emblem of the city is a standing brown bear with the pole axe on the left shoulder usually depicted on the dark red shield. This emblem was designed in 1778.
The city began with the Kremlin which was built on the steep bank of the Volga. Now it is in the center of the city. It is one of the finest ancient Russian fortresses. It is made of red brick painted white. Naturally it is not the first Kremlin which was wooden and didn’t survive till nowadays. It is the former monastery which became the main citadel of the city in hard times of the nation. Most of all I enjoy climbing the great bell tower and watching the city from its top. The city looks really wonderful in fine summer weather with blue sky and the sun shining. And the domes of the churches and the cathedrals of the city are shimmering and glittering gold in the sunlight. The ships and boats on the river look so small and the people bellow look simply tiny. And I feel proud for my native land and people who managed to build and save all that beauty!
Next to the Kremlin there is the Volga embankment full of fountains and flower gardens. This is a favourite place of citizens for family rest and there are always a lot of playing children there. I love this city very much because of its beauty and quietness though I was born in Moscow.


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