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Outstanding citizens of Kursk Land

Иванова Валерия
7В класс “Гимназия №44”
города Курска

If you travel about five hundreds kilometers right south from Moscow you will come to Kursk, an old Russian city. Kursk has a rich historical past which is reflected in a large number of historical and architectural monuments. Some outstanding citizens of our city played a remarkable role in Russian science, engineering and culture.
Semenov Fedor Alexeevich was one of brightest and famous scientists, a teach-himself astronomer who was born in our Kursk. Despite the fact that his family had nothing to do with science he firmly decided to become an astronomer. Young Semenov without any help studied arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra, physics and chemistry. His works on astronomy and meteorology got the world acknowledgement. The Russian geographical society awarded him a gold medal.
Nowadays the street where he was born and lived in Kursk is named after him. The house-museum of F.A.Semenov is situated in this street. Recently I’ve had a chance to visit his house-museum with my family. The interior is quite simple and is presented by papers, photos and private things which belonged to Semenov. I enjoyed this visit greatly.
Every land has its heroes. My native Kursk is very rich with such people and it’s very important not to forget them. Each of these people have given us the information that moves forward our science and civilization. The citizens of Kursk must know them and should be proud of such compatriots. And Semenov is a brightest example to be remembered.


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