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Leninogorsk, peace and quietness of a little town

The work is written by Kiselev Valentine,
the pupil of the 8A form, school №6,
Tatarstan, Leninogorsk.

Our town Leninogorsk is quite little and lots of people find it uncomfortable for living, but I think it is an advantage. Not everybody can afford to live in a little quite town and be almost close to the nature. This is the best thing I like in my town. Walking through the streets, you see the beauty of trees and flowers, breath the smells of them and really enjoy walking. There are a lot of parks where you can walk slowly and really satisfy. And the best place of natural resting is the park on the north of Leninogorsk. Entering the park you walk around little lake where you can notice swans and ducks, the inhabitants of the area. Walking further you will be wondered of the gripping feeling, like you are face to face with the nature. The silence of the forest and abundance of green color will make you relax and feel satisfied. You will walk down the path and watch the beauty of nature. Hearing the bird’s piping can hypnotize you. Walking to the path can take a half of an hour, but if you would stop in some places or just walking very slowly and noticing every small thing, you wouldn’t catch the time. All in all, the park is like another world, the world of beauty and inviolable nature. And it is always nice. In summer there are fully green trees and piping birds. In autumn there are red-yellow leaves everywhere. In winter, when there is only white color and bright sun, it is very pleasant to see how the sun is playing in the snow.
But that is not the only advantage of a little town. As people know the big city is always too much noisy. In Leninogorsk there is almost no noise. People are hurrying or just walking and all this in the exactly calm condition. There are not too many cars in the town. It is usually quite in the streets. If you are walking there by the first time you find it extremely unbelievable.
Finally, I’d like to say that the little town is not always boring. The beauty of the little town can make the soul feel happy and pleasant. And I am proud of my town. I think Leninogorsk is exactly the town of my dream. I’m happy that my dream is my life.


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