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Town Balashikha

Aleksandr Schuvalov
Town Balashikha

«My native town»

My native town is Balashikha.It is located not far from the capital city of Moscow. Nowadays we can`t say that Balashikha is just a countryside. It has its own history.
It was first mentioned in 16 century. According to one of legends earlier on a dam place there was a mill. But after death of the owner the business was continued by his wife, who was called Balashikha.
Today Balashikha is not only one town, its a large region? which consists of several parts: Balashikha 1,Balashikha 2, Balashikha 3 e t c. Balashikha is a very beautiful place not because of its parks and forests. There are also a lot of attractions here. One of them is Pekhra-Yakovlevskoe, which belonged to the princes Golithins. The Temple Preobrazenia Gospodnia is located on the territory of the manor. The village Pekhra-Yakovlevskoe had belonged to the Golithsins since 1591 and the building of the manor began in 1760 when the general Peter Mikhaylovich Golithsin was its owner. Next to the manor there passed a busy road - the Vladimir path. Balashikha isn`t a big modern city with tall office buildings.It`s a rather cozy place to live in. It is surrounded by forests, ponds and lakes where a lot of picnickers spend hot summer days making fires or lying on the beach. This makes our town very attractive for Muscovites. So a lot of new blocks of flats are built every year.
But on the other hand we can say that Balashikha is a modern town. There are a lot of new supermarkets, cafes and cinemas where the youngsters can have fun, watch films, have ice-cream, coffee or just spend their pocket money.
I think it`s great to live and study in my native town Balashikha where I was born, first went to school, made my first friends and was first in love.


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